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Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a separation technique whereby the adherence of micro air bubbles to suspended pollutants in water is used to enhance separation efficiency. DAF is applied when the density of the suspended pollutants is close to that of the water so that gravity separation becomes very difficult.


Micro bubble formation

Micro bubbles can be generated by dissolving air in pressurized water and de-pressurizing this water. In the DAF units, designed by Omnia Water, this process is effected in a recirculation system. Part of the treated water is recycled to the feed via a special centrifugal pump. Air is added to this recycle stream at pressure site of the pump. The air will dissolve in the water by using special mixing zones.

The air saturated water is introduced into the DAF unit feed line and inlet points at the bottom of the unit.

The unique parts are:

Depending on the type of water our engineering team selects the most suitable type of DAF. Types of DAF systems Omnia water Treatment offers are: