Corporate Social Responsibility

Declaration of the management about Corporate Social Responsibility

The management of Omnia Water Treatment officially declares its policy about social responsibility, which is documented, implemented, maintained and disseminated to all levels of the organizational structure of the company and is available to interested parties.

The social responsibility policy of Omnia Water Treatment is focused on business management, contribution to sustainable development and improving the quality of life with employees, community and society.

According to the policy, the management is focused on the following areas: 

  • – Striving for continuous compliance with all requirements of the of the standard ISO 9001: 2015
  • – Compliance with the applicable national laws and other requirements, compliance with international instruments in the field of social responsibility,
  • – Distribution of the accepted social responsibility policy if and where requested.

The strategic objectives of Omnia Water Treatment regarding the social responsibility policy include:

  • – Ensuring the health and safety of the employees,
  • – Promoting and developing a culture of ethical behavior by following the implementation of this policy,
  • – Maintenance, development and improvement of productive relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, public and local authorities, non-government organizations, business associations, educational institutions, experts and others.

The management of Omnia Water Treatment is committed to create the conditions necessary for compliance with the management system for social responsibility and active cooperation of the management and the executive staff.